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Dunapack Rodina JSC is a leading producer of corrugated board and packaging. We provide high quality and innovative packaging solutions. We use state-of-the art technology and fully recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Among our customers are leading Bulgarian and international producers, export-oriented companies and industry leaders in Bulgaria.

Learn more about our products and find out your package with us!

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Headquarter Dunapack Packaging, Wiener Neudorf

Dunapack Dentaş, Adana

Dunapack Dentaş, Çorlu

Dunapack Dentaş, Denizli

Dunapack Magyarország, Dunaújváros

Dunapack Mosonpack, Mosonmagyaróvár

Dunapack Eurobox, Ujazd

Dunapack Ukraina, Tsyurupinsk

Dunapack Ukraina, Hodorov

Dunapack Mosburger, Wien

Dunapack Magyarország, Budapest

Dunapack Mosburger, Strasswalchen

Dunapack Valoviti, Zabok

Dunapack Rodina, Plovdiv

Dunapack Rambox, Sfântu Gheorghe

Dunapack Magyarország, Nyíregyháza

Dunapack Spremberg, Spremberg

Dunapack Logipack, Budapest


42.157095N 24.769829E
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